jueves, 19 de abril de 2007

House of my dreams

Daily routine

I always wake up at 6:00 A.M. I took a bath. Then I brush the teeth and took my breakfast. I go to classes at the university and when I finish the classes I return to home and take my lunch and then I watch TV and later I do the assignment and study. At nights Mariely arrives and helps me to reinforce my English. Then at night I wait mom outside to accompany her to the apartment.
In the Week-ends I get up at 9,30 A.M., took a bath, breakfast and brush my teeth, listen to music, later I see TV and sometimes I accompany mom to work until night when we arrived to the house, take a bath again and I lie down until I fell sleep to the other day.

Genealogical Tree

unit 3

I have been in San Cristobal, with my aunt and cousins. Those days in the afternoon we had been walking across the ranch seeing the surroundings, when we see the cows and decided to take a photo with the view… It was cloudless but still it was cold… that’s why I dressed with jeans and a cotton long sleeved shit with a waistcoat… it was cold despite the sun.